Urban Planning Resources

  • Sustainable Stormwater Solutions Maintenance Requirements (GLO): Does your development, city, or county have green infrastructure in place? Check out this guide to find maintenance requirements for some of these common stormwater management features. Download PDF (English) Download PDF (Spanish)
  • Retrofitting Basics (GLO): Find tips to help an existing, already developed space better address its stormwater needs through a process called retrofitting. Retrofitting uses new technology or design approaches to revitalize an existing space and improve stormwater treatment and storage. Download PDF
  • Retrofit Success Story – Tule Creek West (TCEQ): A TCEQ project with Aransas County that installed a sediment trap pond, removed invasive vegetation, reshaped and stabilized portions of Tule Creek, and monitored and modeled the effectiveness of these practices. View case study
  • Sustainable Stormwater Solutions: Designing for Infiltration, Detention & Retention (GLO): Download, print, and share a user-friendly guide to different forms of drainage design that mimic natural processes and allow urban areas to slow down, spread, and keep stormwater in the area.  Download PDF
  • Stormwater Runoff Management Model Ordinance (GLO): A stormwater runoff ordinance can improve coastal water quality, manage floodplains, and promote resilient development and infrastructure. This allows us to enhance our water supplies and maximize tourism, recreation, and economic prosperity in the Texas coastal region. Download PDF
  • Striving for Resilience (GLO): Protecting our water resources from the impacts of nonpoint source pollution is a complex challenge. This interactive storymap will teach you the basics of stormwater runoff and its impact on the Texas Coastal Zone. View interactive story map