Roads, Highways & Bridges Resources

There is an undeniable need for ongoing updates to our roads, highways, and bridges. As a result, updates to these systems must be intentional and take both sound science and environmental protection into account. Through careful planning and tried and tested approaches, we can reduce harmful impacts to our waterways from both existing infrastructure maintenance and new development projects. The following resources include helpful links to training opportunities associated with off-system roads, stormwater, and nonpoint source pollution.

Roadside Vegetation Management
Stormwater Management
  • Design Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (TxDOT): Designing erosion and sediment control devices includes determining the type and size of facilities for minimizing erosion and siltation during and after project construction. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans are prepared to show the construction of devices that minimize erosion and siltation during construction. View manual
  • Hydraulic Design Manual (TxDOT): This manual provides procedures recommended by the Texas Department of Transportation for analyzing and designing effective highway drainage facilities.View manual
  • Stormwater Management Practices (TxDOT): A manual with best management practices for road systems to reduce pollutant loads entering water bodies.
  • Stormwater Field Inspector’s Guide (TxDOT):The purpose of this guide is to assist TxDOT field inspectors in ensuring compliance with TCEQ and EPA Construction General Permit conditions for construction projects. Download PDF
Bridge-specific Guidance
  • Bridge Project Development Manual (TxDOT): This manual provides guidance and outlines uniform procedures and policies for administering and developing projects involving bridges. View manual