Beach & Dune Resources

Beach and Dunes Management Resources

    • Coastal Dunes: Dune Protection and Improvement Manual for the Texas Gulf Coast (GLO): A guidance manual with measures that landowners, city and county planners, developers, and industry can use to preserve sand dunes and promote dune restoration. Download manual
    • Texas Beach Accessibility Guide (GLO): The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for local governments adopting and implementing beach accessibility measures for persons with disabilities. This document has been developed in consultation with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Download guide
    • Beachfront Construction Certificates and Dune Protection Permits FAQ (GLO): Find answers to frequently asked questions related to construction on the Texas Coast. Download PDF
    • Dune Restoration and Construction Guide (GLO): A helpful guide for dune restoration in areas that have recently experienced dune loss or damages due to storm tides. Download PDF
    • Dune Mitigation Sequence (GLO): When adverse impacts to dunes and dune vegetation are proposed, a Mitigation Plan must be submitted to the local government and GLO as part of a Beachfront Construction Certificate and Dune Protection Permit application. The following document outlines the steps involved in creating a Dunes Mitigation Plan. Download PDF
    • No Walking/Driving in the Dunes Flyer (GLO): Driving in the dunes may sound like fun, but operating any type of vehicle in the sand dunes seaward of the dune protection line is prohibited under Texas law because it severely damages protected sand dunes and dune vegetation. Download PDF
    • Published Research: Long-term Water Quality Analysis Reveals Correlation between Bacterial Pollution and Sea Level Rise in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico (Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi): A study that provides the first long-term assessment of fecal bacterial pollution in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico from 2009 to 2020. The study used data from the GLO's Texas Beach Watch Program to characterize the water quality in 66 beaches along the Texas coast over an 11-year time span. View PDF
    • A Guide to Living Shorelines in Texas (GLO): A guide for property owners on the use of living shorelines as alternatives to traditional shoreline stabilization techniques that provides streamlined information on the steps needed to design, permit, and construct a viable project. View guide

Beach Access and Erosion Response Plans

View local Beach Access Plans and Erosion Response Plans, which establish requirements for beach access points, construction standards, and beach user fees.