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stormwater manual cover
Technical Manual: Guidance for Sustainable Stormwater Drainage

A guidance manual with stormwater management practices for use by government agencies, businesses, and the general public.

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Resident's Handbook: Coastal Water Protection Begins With You

Find practices that local residents can adopt to reduce the impact of stormwater runoff and manage water usage from their own properties.

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roads highway bridges manual cover
Technical Manual: Guidance for Roads, Highways, and Bridges

A guidance manual that provides Texas Coastal communities with tools to reduce nonpoint source pollution and better manage stormwater runoff from roads, highways, and bridges.

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coastal dunes manual cover
Technical Manual: Dune Protection and Improvement for the Texas Coast

A guidance manual with measures that landowners, city and county planners, developers, and industry can use to preserve sand dunes and promote dune restoration.

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Interactive Readers and Maps

We all have a part to play in our water quality. Learn how simple changes in landscaping design, waste disposal, and septic system maintenance can make a huge difference downstream.
Protecting our water resources from the impacts of nonpoint source pollution is a complex challenge. Learn the basics of stormwater runoff and its impact on the Texas Coastal Zone.
The Texas Coastal Zone is home to a wealth of natural resources – from winding rivers to sandy beaches – all of which are enjoyed by a booming population.