Managing Our Stormwater

Protecting Water Quality on the Coast

Coastal areas contain some of the country’s largest centers of population and economic activity. While significant population growth and development along the Gulf Coast has brought economic opportunity, it has also created new challenges for sustainable coastal resource management.

Urban development, and the associated increase in hard, impervious surfaces, often has the unintended consequence of simultaneously increasing the volume and decreasing the quality of stormwater runoff that makes its way into our coastal waters. However, when development is designed using strategies found throughout this website, it is possible to both reduce the amount of stormwater exiting a site and improve its quality.

Whether you are a developer, homeowner, business, or an elected official, there is a role for you to play in protecting water quality along the Texas Coast! The following guidance and best management practices can be applied to new and existing developments to protect the ecosystems and natural resources that support a thriving Gulf Coast economy.


Check out the resources below for more information about the Texas Coastal Zone and what you can do at home to improve the water quality of our region.

Everyone lives in a watershed – an area of land that drains to a single body of water, such as a creek, a river, or a lake. However, watersheds are more than just drainage areas in and around our communities.
As the Texas Coastal Zone continues to grow and thrive, careful development that incorporates water quality protection will ensure a beautiful coast for generations of Texans to enjoy.
Down the drain...and then what? When you flush, do you know where it goes? Our communities and their wastewater have an impact on local waterways.
When it rains, runoff from roads, highways, and bridges in the Texas Coastal Zone can carry contaminants such as litter, oil, and roadway debris into our coastal waterways.
highway bridge on the coast
Looking for ways to get involved as a resident? Look no further! Explore a variety of residential resources to help local communities reduce the impact of stormwater runoff and manage water usage from their properties.

Check out the resources below for more information about the Texas Coastal Zone and what your organization, city, or county can do to improve the water quality of our region.

Find sustainable practices that can guide development and land use activities to reduce the effects of nonpoint source pollution.
Find resources to assist new, existing, and site developments in managing stormwater runoff and improving water quality.
Discover a variety of management and maintenance measures to keep onsite disposal systems functioning properly as well as protect surface and groundwater quality.
Explore various strategies to reduce runoff pollution both during and after road, highway, and bridge construction.
Learn about our coast and how to protect it! From technical guidance to guides and manuals - we've compiled much of what you need to know in one easy location.