Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does stormwater management matter?

Effectively managing stormwater is vital to healthy, resilient Gulf Coast communities. When our Best Management Practices (BMPs) for stormwater are put in place, we can mitigate future flooding dangers and costs, improve regional water quality, and beautify public spaces. Find out more about how we manage stormwater here.

What can I do in my home to improve water quality?

There are many ways to improve water quality in your region that start in your own home, such as:

What is a rainwater harvesting system?

Rainwater harvesting systems are great ways to turn stormwater runoff from a problem into a solution! Rain barrels or cisterns can be installed to capture and store stormwater runoff from rooftops for later use in indoor and outdoor settings. Find out more about the benefits and maintenance requirements of a system here.

Looking to build your own rainwater harvesting system or wondering about the design process? Click here to explore some helpful information, courtesy of Texas Center for Environmental Quality. Questions about the specifics of rainwater harvesting systems? Click here to learn more from the Texas Water Development Board.

Where can I properly drop off Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) items in my area?

Click here for a list of drop off sites and county contacts for HHW in your area.

How can you make old buildings more stormwater friendly?

There are many ways to update existing infrastructure to better handle stormwater and runoff. One way we can improve already developed spaces is through a process called retrofitting. Retrofitting uses new technology or design approaches to revitalize an existing space and improve our stormwater treatment and storage. By putting "Best Management Practices" or BMPs in place, we can correct design flaws and better address stormwater runoff. Click here to learn more and download a guide to retrofitting.

Additionally, by including green infrastructure in updates and breaking up impervious cover we can increase stormwater infiltration in the local environment's groundwater reserves. Explore Chapter 6 of our Stormwater Management Manual to find out how new installations or upgrades can be incorporated into existing developments to better address stormwater runoff and increase resiliency.

How can you redesign without breaking the bank? Where can my community get funding to implement projects to help water quality?

There are many grant resources available for communities to obtain funds and resources to support the design and implementation of water quality retrofit projects, flood management projects, programs, watershed protection land management activities, education, and other efforts.

The Texas General Land Office maintains information on coastal management funding opportunities as well as a user-friendly database of projects currently funded along the coast. Click here for a one-pager of additional grant resources.

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